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The Vision

We believe Amed to be the perfect place for the study of Yoga, Meditation and the mind/body connection. Blue Earth Village originally grew out of the Apneista freediving and yoga community, training in Amed since 2010, as a space to share their passion and attract more like-minded people to this amazing part of Bali.


The Blue Earth yoga deck is a beautiful space with incredible views of Gunung Agung and Jemeluk bay. These views are the primary reason we chose this place as a home for the Blue Earth project.

The shala is built of bamboo and recycled Ulin wood and is open on the sides yet still feels private due to it’s elevation. It has space for 30 to 35 people for asana classes and for a 100 people to practice meditation.


The weekly program will be posted on facebook. There are classes both morning and evening with regular workshops and intensives.


There are regular workshops and training intensives which can be followed on the blog or on Facebook.

Workshop: Purva Pratana Sthiti 1st November

A 3 hour intensive exploration of supported back bending, lung expansion and opening the front body. Have you ever felt pain after yoga or that yoga was not helping you with your injuries? Have you ever wanted to explore the full range of your spinal...

Guiding vision of Yoga and mind/body education in Blue Earth Village

‘‘Learning to swim’’

The science of Yoga represents more than 2000 years of un-interrupted research and exploration of human potential. It is first and foremost a practical approach to Humankinds deepest existential questions; such as how to live and get the most out of life. There are so many practices and techniques to Yoga that no one man could claim to be a master of them all.

These practices don’t just affect the physical body, but also affect the mind, emotions and subtler aspects of the human being. While we believe there is something eternally mysterious in humankind and the universe, we believe that yoga should be science-based and experiential.  In this way yoga education can become a grounding force making us more resistant to narcciscism, and the other delusions that threaten our survival as a species.

‘‘Rough seas ahead’’

These seem to be tumultuous times, in Bali during the past year we have dealt with the threat of a potential volcanic eruption, with its already significant economic fallout. The greater world also seems to be in a moment of global insecurity and anxiety.

In nihilistic times, ancient wisdom is often used by unscrupulous ‘gurus’ to create huge profit or develop sectarian followings. This is very destructive on the personal level, but also on the societal level, as it can lead to cynicism and further splintering of hope. We believe that training in the mind/body sciences is a powerful tool for personal autonomy. A grounded, science based spiritual practice can help inoculate ‘seekers’ from the vulnerability, superstition and blind faith that that 21st century ‘Gurus’ thrive upon.

‘‘ 21st century science meets ancient wisdom ’’

Though times seem dark, we hold the firm belief that we are at the moment of our greatest potential as a species. The science of the 21st century is now firmly aligning with and supporting the wisdom traditions that have guided the human race for millennia. There is no conflict between what the Tibetan yogi teaches in the mountains and what a western Neurologist observes in the laboratory.

It is our mission to propagate this non-sectarian vision of the so called ‘yogic sciences’ to the broadest public possible. We believe Yoga and Meditation, and the insights taken from freediving and neuroplasticity training, to be an essential patrimony of the human race, indispensable tools for the survival of our species on a shrinking planet.

‘‘ Yoga teacher training(YTT) ’’

Reflecting this vision, for the last 10 years we have been developing a well-rounded science-based approach to the teaching of yoga in the 21st century. Due to the request of students we will soon be offering YTT courses. The goal of these courses will be to provide a solid foundation for passionate yogis to begin the responsible sharing of their practice.


Above Jemeluk Bay on the beautiful Amed coast of East Bali, we’re just before sunset point on the right. This part of Bali still preserves it’s natural rhythms. It’s a area of great natural beauty, both above and below the water. Come and see why many travelers consider it their favorite spot in Bali, an island of many incredible places.


Hours: 12:00 - 22:00



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Breathtaking Shala for Yoga, Meditation & Workshops

Amed, Bali

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